Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Alice and The Dragon

The Body put on the metal armor intending to be the valiant knight.  It knew The Mother did not think it was time so it slipped out into the kingdom unaware.  "I will be the knight in shining armor" it thought as it hastened into the unknown, intending to make The Mother happy.  After days of travel it came across a castle that was locked on all sides.  The knight knocked on the door and to his surprise, it opened.  The knight went into the castle and came to a closed door that read " The princess lives here and when the time is right, her knight in shining armor will escort her out into the kingdom, but beware, she is An Alice."  "An Alice," the knight thought "what had The Mother said about that?" the knight couldn't remember.  So, it continued through the door and up the staircase.  The Princess was snug in her bed, her brown hair curled around her shoulders.  The knight was struck by her beauty and immediately realized this was the one The Mother was waiting for. But, she was so small, the knight knew it wasn't her time.  "I will be back to take you to The Mother when you are ready" the knight told the princess as it hurriedly backed out of the door. But in its haste, the knight forgot to latch it closed. 

     The knight set out again, but an hour later, it began to rain.  The knight hurried through the forest until it eventually found a cave.  Thankful for the good fortune, it went into the cave to rest and dry off.  But the rain continued until finally the knight decided to explore.  It followed the cave down into the darkness for almost a week.  The knight was convinced that it was empty and disappointed it wasn't going to get a chance to prove itself to The Mother when it heard a light noise, as though someone was kicking the cave wall.  The knight followed the sound until it got closer and closer and the caves got hotter and hotter.  The air was so hot that the walls began to tremble.  And that is when the knight saw it.  The most glorious beast ever created.  The Dragon.  Its red skin and blonde scales glistened in the heat of the cave.  The knight noticed that The Dragon's  legs were caught in a hole in the floor of the cave and the thumping sound was The Dragon trying to free itself.  " I have come for you Dragon!" the knight announced, its voice echoing inside the cavern.  "I have come to slay you for The Mother, I am the knight in shining armor!"  The Dragon, struggling to break free, yelled to the knight "It is not time, I am not ready, I must get free and stay until The Mother calls."  But the knight, intent on its decision fought the dragon, pierced his heart, and drug him from the trembling caves.
     Then the knight heard her voice "What have you done My Body?  Why have you betrayed me?  Do you not remember what I said?" The Mother asked. "She was An Alice and curiosity killed the cat.  The rain you felt was my sorrow for The Princess for now, she is lost to me.  You searched out My Dragon, the only one of his kind, you have slain him and drug him out from where he was safe.  Why did you not listen when he told you he was waiting for me?  Villain! Why such treachery?," The Mother wailed.  "Haven't I kept you safe and healthy all these years and this is how you repay me?" she asked.  But the knight had taken off its armor and The Body did not answer.

I have an incompetent cervix, that is what started my problems with Alice.  After I delivered her a week later I developed an infection with a high fever and was told I had to deliver Drake or risk becoming septic and ruining my chances of having other children.   It is sad that the mind and heart are often at such odds with the body.  After your loss, have you tried to find a balance between the three?  How do you do it?   

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